i cannot truly be myself on my own tumbr which upsets me.

this blog will now go inactive and i shall move on to greener pastures. aka a blog that absolutely NO ONE in the realworld that i knowcan access.
i shal upkeep my wiccan blog from my new one.
if i dont know you in the real world and would like my new url, message me.
if i know you in the real world, dont even fucking ask, im serious

You cannot change anything inside me. I am unchangeable. I am a stone. I can become nothing else. Yes, water and air can wear me down, but I will still be a stone, until you make me nothing more than dust. Dust that will be picked up and spread everywhere. A cremation of sorts. A slight sand on the ground in which you walk. A forgotten sand, because to be honest, even the shiniest stones become forgotten dust some day. 

(Source: fuckups-and-fairytales)